RICS APC Final Assessment Presentation and Interview Masterclass

Final Assessment Presentation and Interview Masterclass

Are You Preparing For Your Final Assessment Interview To Qualify As A Chartered Surveyor?
This RICS APC Course Is Created For You - To Help You Prepare And Get Ready For Practice.
You Will.
1.       Master the competencies so that you hit the ground running at the final assessment.
2.       You will have a case study that wows the assessors
3.       You will set the foundations for a successful career.

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I know you are here because you want to qualify as a Chartered Surveyor. I want to make sure that you follow through. That’s why I am giving you FREE 2 months membership to my APC Inner Circle programme. Here you receive support and participate in live sessions and ask APC questions. This normally costs £75 ($97) per month. So, you save £150 ($194).

Bonus 2
I know you are keen to have an idea of the type of questions that will be asked at the final interview. I am therefore giving you this additional bonus, that normally costs £297 ($385) at no additional cost to you.

Bonus 3 [For a limited time]
Discounted coaching sessions. The course, the inner circle and the practice questions provide a lot of information for your success. I however appreciate that some candidates want 1 to 1 coaching. Where this is required, you get a 50% discount. This saves you £300 ($390)  based on 5 hours of 1:1 coaching.

Note: Bonus 3 is available for a limited time, as I can only coach a limited number of people per given period. When this number is reached, Bonus 3 will be withdrawn.

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Objectives Of The Masterclass
This Masterclass is aimed to help those getting ready for the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) final assessment interview to qualify as Chartered Surveyors.
How do assessors use my submission documents?
This section takes you though the behind the scenes processes that assessors undertake in preparation for the final assessment.
What is the timing for the final assessment?
Here we go through the programme of the final hour and give a step by step account on what to expect on the final day.
What are the main reasons people fail?
Here we go through some typical pitfalls that you need to avoid.
Is there any final assessment checklist I can use?
This section is addressing the overall preparation to ensure that you have truly ticked all the boxes before the final day.
How do assessors use my submission?
How do I structure an APC Presentation?
Structure your presentation so that it clearly demonstrates core competencies to level 3 - where you give reasoned advice.
How do I deliver a presentation with impact?
Here we cover presentation tips and how to create impact and address the competency levels.
Demonstrating Competency Levels
Now we start answering interview questions and are backing up responses to questions based on practical experience.
Day 1 Summary
Presentation Exercise
Exercise to help you prepare and practice presenting>

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Knight Khonje

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Knight has chaired hundreds of professional assessment panels interviewing aspiring Chartered Surveyors. Knight noticed that few pass first time. Get Ready For Practice has been created to help you with your preparation and eliminate guesswork.


Knight has chaired hundreds of professional assessment panels interviewing aspiring Chartered Surveyors. Knight noticed that a small proportion of candidates appear to pass first time. With proper support, more candidates would meet the required standards. Get Ready For Practice has been created to help aspiring chartered surveyors with their preparation for their final assessment and eliminate guesswork.